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The Korean American
Association of Greater
Washington promotes
the civic, cultural,
educational, and social
interests of the more
than 200,000 Korean
Americans in the
Greater Washington
geographical area
(District of Columbia,
Maryland, Northern

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3), non-partisan community organization established to promote the civic, cultural, educational, and social interests of the Korean American Community of Greater Washington through our activities, projects, and programs.

대리석 표면

Reminder for Overseas Korean voters - Don’t forget to vote 🗳️ in the South Korea general election today at the Consulate-General’s office in Washington DC. Last chance today to make your voice heard. 

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KACAGW members join in celebrating 105th Indepedence Movement Day, honoring heroic martyrs like Yu Gwan-Sun. 

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KACAGW proud  to attend the 2024 Annual meeting & chairman Inauguration ceremony of the Korean Veterans Association 

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Great turnout for our 5th Multi – Cultural Experience Exchange with Next Generation / Adoptees at Sam’s Inn Restaurant in Town of Quantico. Successful joint effort by World Future Leaders Forum (WFLF) and Korean American Community Association of Greater Washington (KACAGW). Attendees enjoyed learning about and tasting Kimchi and other popular Korean dishes and the history and proper wear of the Hanbok traditional Korean attire. Thanks to all our sponsors and our guest speakers from Marine Corps Base Quantico, BG Rideout and COL Howard "Howiee" Marotto, and Town of Quantico Mayor Kevin Brown.

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Enjoyed meeting today with visitors from Korea's Ewaha Woman's University (이화여자대학교)

ElL Minji Kim and EM Zoe Cho, conducting research in real estate application with latest and personalized information for retired individuals.  

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스크린샷 2023-07-25 오후 7.45.22.png

Please join us for the 2023 Global Korean Unification Cultural Event, hosted by the Ministry of Unification. This event allows overseas Koreans and the general public to experience Korean culture and form a consensus on peaceful unification, while providing an opportunity for many people to become interested in Korean Peninsula issues.

Membership is open to any adult person of Korean descent living in the Greater Washington geographical area (District of Columbia, Maryland, Northern Virginia).

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